How do I adjust uBlock Origin?

uBlock Origin is an extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge that blocks ads. Internet ads can be annoying, and sometimes even dangerous (they can lead to malicious websites).

Occasionally it may happen that certain websites won't load properly when an ad-blocker is in use, or it may be desirable to see some ads temporarily (for example, when shopping online).

The main pop-up for uBlock Origin

Click the uBlock Origin icon (red shield) to open the main pop-up menu for uBlock Origin. (If you are using Google Chrome, you may need to first click the "puzzle piece" icon to see your list of extensions, then select uBlock Origin.)

This is the main pop-up menu for uBlock that can be seen when you click on uBlock's icon in the taskbar.

You can see more/less detailed information about the site you are currently on, by clicking on the "more" or "less" buttons.

The large "power" button

Click the large "power" button to turn off uBlock for the website you are currently on. Doing so adds the current website to the Trusted sites list, and this setting will be remembered whenever you visit this particular website in the future.

The per-site control switches

The per-site control switches allow you to make some granular settings for a particular website.
  • Click the "lightning bolt" icon to enter element zapper mode. This mode allows you to interactively remove one or more elements on the current page. This can be handy for unavoidable pop-ups and the like. Removing an element is always temporary, and when the page is reloaded, the element will return.
  • Clock the "eye-dropper" icon to enter element picker mode. This mode allows you to create a filter for one or more elements on the current page. This is similar to element zapper mode, but uBlock will create a filter for the element selected, thus permanently removing it from this website. The filters created through the element picker are added to the filter list in the My filters pane in the dashboard,
  • Click the "list" icon to open the logger. This allows you to perform detailed analysis of network traffic.
  • Click the "gears" icon to open the dashboard. This allows for more advanced settings.
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