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How do I set up an email account on iPhone using the built-in Mail app?

The preferred method for connecting your iPhone to Hosted Exchange is to use the Microsoft Outlook app, available in the iOS App Store. If you will not be using the Outlook app, follow these directions.

  • From the Home screen, tap the "Settings" icon. Tap the "Mail" option. Tap the "Accounts" option.
  • Tap the "Add Account" option.
  • Tap the "Exchange" option.
  • Enter your assigned email address. The “Description” field is the name that will be displayed in your list of email accounts on your iPhone. You can set it to whatever you like (“Work”, “Company Email”, your company name, etc).
  • You may see a pop-up titled “Sign in to your Exchange account using Microsoft?” Tap “Configure Manually”.
  • Enter the password for your email account and tap “Next”.
  • Specify manual settings as follows:
    • Email: enter your full email address.
    • Server: enter the Exchange server name that was provided to you.
    • Domain: (leave this blank)
    • Username: enter your full email address.
    • Password: enter your password.
  • Description: enter the name that will be displayed in your list of email accounts on your iPhone. You can set it to whatever you like (“Work”, “Company Email”, your company name, etc).
  • Tap “Next”.
  • Select which information you’d like to be synchronized between your iPhone and the email service. The “Mail” option, of course, should be turned on (green). The other selections are optional, but recommended. 
  • Tap “Save” to complete the process.

Notes regarding the use of iPhones with Hosted Exchange
  • Settings, features, and compatibility are current as of iOS 14, but are subject to change.
  • Once synchronized with hosted Exchange, iTunes will no longer sync contacts and calendars with your desktop computer. However, you can still sync your device wirelessly with MobileMe/iCloud.
  • You can configure more than one Exchange account on a single iPhone.
  • By default, communication between the iPhone and the Exchange server are securely encrypted.
  • Not all Exchange features are supported on iOS. Some unsupported features:
    • Folder management
    • Opening links in email to documents stored on SharePoint servers
    • Task synchronization
    • Setting “out of office” auto-reply messages
    • Creating meeting invitations
    • Flagging messages for follow-up

Problems with Auto-Discover

The iPhone is designed to be compatible with Exchange’s Auto-Discover feature – that is, only an email address and password are needed to connect; no further configuration should generally be necessary.

If you encounter errors or are otherwise unable to connect your iPhone to Hosted Exchange, please call for technical support or open a support ticket at http://www.shieldinformation.com/help.
Creation date: 4/21/2020 11:49 PM (lee@shieldinformation.com)      Updated: 11/5/2020 5:17 PM (lee@shieldinformation.com)
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How to use mobile devices with hosted Exchange email service