How do I reset my Office Apps password?

This article describes the process of resetting the Office Apps password for a user.

NOTE: Office Apps uses a separate set of credentials apart from any other services. This special set of credentials is used only for signing into Microsoft Office; it is not used for any other services. Note that the special login name (it always ends in "") is different than the user's regular login name. Changing the Office Apps password affects only the login/password for Microsoft Office. It does not affect the credentials for any other service.

To see your special Office Apps login, and/or to reset your Office Apps password, 

  • Go to your webmail site (
  • Select the "My Services" tab 
  • Log into My Services, and navigate to "Office Apps"

NOTE: The following password requirements apply to Office Apps passwords:

  • Password length: 8-16 characters
  • Password complexity: Must contain 3 of the following: capitals, letters, numerals, and special characters

NOTE: Office Apps passwords expire after 365 days, and will require a reset thereafter.
Creation date: 5/5/2022 4:50 PM      Updated: 8/15/2022 9:06 AM