How do I connect via VPN to a corporate network at time of Windows logon?

For many corporate networks, it's necessary to connect to the corporate network at the same time as you logon to Windows, because the computer needs to connect resources at the time of Windows logon (connect network drives, connect network printers, etc.)
  • If you are not already connected to the internet, either plug in wired internet, or logon to Windows in the normal way and connect to the internet. (This might be necessary, for example, if you need to hook up to wireless internet in a public place like a hotel, or if you need to set up your cell phone hotspot.)
  • Once you are sure that your internet access is working, log off of Windows.
  • At the Windows startup screen, press CTRL + ALT + DEL as usual.

  • If your corporate network uses a legal disclaimer, click OK to acknowledge it, and proceed to the Windows logon screen.

  • Instead of logging onto Windows in the normal spot, find the Network sign-in icon in the lower right-hand corner and click it.

  • You will be presented with the Network Sign-In logon screen, which is different. It shows the VPN icon, and shows the name of your VPN connection destination.

  • Use your regular user name and password to logon. You will see the connection messages indicating that the computer is establishing the network link and logging you on to Windows over the VPN connection.

Creation date: 5/12/2020 6:43 PM      Updated: 5/12/2020 6:50 PM
How to connect via VPN to corporate networks